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Collaboration Meetings (Conference Call)

Better collaboration may not mean more collaboration meetings

In a complex world we all know it is important to collaborate. But why do so many people think to collaborate means organising more meetings? There are already too many meetings. And there is more to collaboration than sitting in meetings. Find out how to collaborate here in a Golden Minute.


100%: Are all collaboration efforts like this?
V/O: (The conference call phone to room full of people)
I would just like to thank everyone for making the meeting today.
As you know we have identified that our marketing teams and agencies have not been collaborating as well as we had hoped.
Therefore, we have decided to improve collaboration.
To achieve this, we have decided to have a weekly collaboration meeting with everyone.
This is the opportunity for everyone to get together.
Each week. And collaborate.
So, if everyone is on board, let’s start collaborating.
(Everyone is looking bored and uncomfortable)
Or we could do something completely different.
And ideas? Hello? Any one?
100%: Collaborations is not about more meetings.
It’s about engagement, communication and alignment.
Let us know if you need some new ideas on how to encourage collaboration.