Technology Performance Optimisation

(How to improve the performance of your marketing technology investment)

Have you implemented a new marketing technology platform? Or have you inherited a technology platform and are concerned it is not fit for purpose? Or is it under delivering the promised results? Technology solutions are sold as solutions but in fact they are simply enablers that require the right circumstances to deliver the promise.

We review our clients’ current structure, resources and process to identify if the technology is optimally implemented within the organisation and across key stakeholder groups. We provide a detailed report on what needs to be done and recommendations on the steps and resources required to improve the technology performance to deliver the results desired.

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While marketers are increasingly investing in marketing technology platforms and solutions, the number of marketers disappointed with those same platforms is also increasing. The fact is the successful implementation of a marketing technology solution requires more than the just the technology. In fact there are quite a number of issues that can mean the difference between success and failure and everything in between. These success factors can include expectation management, process alignment, resource structure and more. Therefore it is essential that before implementing a new marketing technology platform, and immediately following the implementation, you review and optimise performance to ensure delivery of the desired outcomes.


Our consultant base and wide skill sets mean we are able to help you optimise the performance of your marketing technology in a number of ways including:

  1. Independently reviewing and assessing your implementation plan to ensure optimal start up performance
  2. Providing an evaluation and assessment of your current technology process performance identifying optimisation opportunities
  3. Diagnosing and addressing specific issues and problems arising with your marketing technology process

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Drawing on our broad consulting base, we match our subject matter experts to your specific needs. Our marketing technology, structure, marketing resource, process and financial consultants are assigned to work collaboratively with your internal stakeholders to assess the current state and provide an independent assessment and recommendation on what is required to optimise your marketing technology performance. The process is typically a combination of interviews, analysis and financial modelling to provide a quantitative and qualitative input, based on the best emerging practice.

Plus through our agreement and alignment with ADMA IQ we can also provide an industry based Skills Capability Assessment for your team, with training to close any identified gaps provided by the highly regarded ADMA team. Find out more here.


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