Download – The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing in a Data-driven World

The confusing and complex world of digital marketing and data analytics

Ultimate-guide-to-digital-2-247x300This comprehensive Guide will not only demystify the world of digital and data by explaining how it works, it will also help you put some logic back into your marketing approach.

There are no bells, no whistles, no hype.

This Guide simply aims to help marketers get back to basics, business logic and follow the path from confusion to clarity…

“I received my copy of the Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing some time back and finally had a chance to sit down and read it on the weekend. Well researched and a very compelling read. I sometimes feel like an old hand in this game and yet there was still plenty I learned. I also think it’s a cracking “how to guide” for businesses building a marketing strategy and plan from top and down and bottom up with digital infiltrating throughout! Great idea with the 100 day plan to round things out.”

Michael Betteridge, AHL

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    What’s in the Guide?

    This definitive Guide has over 27,000 words featuring insights, tips, observations, tools, platforms, strategies and much more.

    Chapter 1: The rise and rise of digital marketing in a data-driven world

    Chapter 2: How digital marketing fits into the marketing mix

    Chapter 3: How the best of the best approach digital marketing

    Chapter 4: Launch with a rock-solid foundation

    Chapter 5: Listening to customers to remain relevant

    Chapter 6: The new four-pillar structure for developing digital ideas

    Chapter 7: The never-ending campaign

    Chapter 8: Understanding the art and science of performance data

    Chapter 9: Educating your brand world

    Chapter 10: Diving into digital in a data-driven world

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