Lydia Feely on Collaboration – Episode 3

In this episode Darren Woolley is joined by the Evalu8ing Managing Director, Lydia Feely.

We discuss:

  • The increasingly complex world we live in where the pervading discussion on the importance of collaboration, yet many organisations struggle with collaboration.
  • How organisations can achieve alignment in their organisation or with their suppliers by aligning either their objectives or KPIs.
  • A few years ago a study looked at business strategies and found 63% of strategies fail due to lack of employee engagement and what causes it.
  • Project performance is important, but beyond milestones and project KPIs, the importance for organisations to measure and manage performance on a regular basis.
  • The key value Evalu8ing offers organisations, either internally or externally with their suppliers, in developing collaboration, building engagement and improving performance.

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