Agency Transition Management

(How to start a new agency relationship to deliver maximum performance)

Adding a new agency or supplier to your roster? Or are you replacing an existing roster supplier with a new agency or supplier? It can take three to six months to on-board a new agency completely, and that is simply for transitioning the team and assets and aligning them to your way of working.  

The transition process can be simple or complex depending on the volume of work and the tenure of the incumbent. We assist by managing the process from start to finish and ensuring all of the intellectual property, digital assets, work product and know-how is transferred to the new agency, either from the incumbent or from the marketing team and the other agencies in the roster.

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When a new agency or supplier is appointed, or an incumbent is replaced, there is a level of disruption that occurs within the roster and marketing team as the new party is brought on-board. This disruption is often overlooked as part of the new supplier honeymoon period, but unless properly managed could create on-going issues that will further decrease the performance and productivity of the whole roster. The selection of the new agency or supplier is effectively the start of a transition process that needs to be carefully planned and managed to ensure a smooth implementation and the efficient transfer of intellectual property, know-how or work products from the incumbent to the new agency or marketing supplier.


Following the search and selection process there are a number of ways we are engaged to facilitate the transition process including:

  1. Identifying and provide a check list of intellectual property and work products to be transferred to the incoming agency from the incumbent agency
  2. Planning and managing the transition process with the incumbent, the incoming agency and the marketing team
  3. Providing management support and oversight to the transition process

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The first step is to determine the complexity of the transition process and define the transition timeline, which can extend from 30 days to 180 days depending on the scope. We then plan the transition schedule and obtain engagement with all key stakeholders. Usually we are then involved in managing and overseeing the transition process to ensure a complete and effective result. This includes liaising with all externals and internal stakeholders including IT, legal and finance to ensure the successful exit of any incumbent once their responsibilities are complete, the on-boarding of the new agency or supplier and the alignment of the new agency to the other roster partners.


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