Media Sustainability Optimisation

(How to select your media to ensure minimal environmental impact)

Are you marketing environmentally friendly products or are you promoting yourselves as an environmentally conscious organisation? Does your advertising content reflect the sustainable credentials of your goods and services? If so, do you understand the environmental impact of your selected media channels? Failing to understand and optimise your media choices not only is counter-intuitive to an environmental positioning but also carries unnecessary corporate reputational risk.

We work with our clients and their media partners to review their media communication strategies to ensure they are clearly understood from an environmental perspective. With this knowledge, planning and buying can be aligned and support the environmental policies of the business or organisation.

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For many years, CPM (‘Cost Per Mille’, otherwise known as cost per thousand as a dollar value) has been a staple metric used to calculate media efficiency and develop media plans.

As we move into a carbon-constrained future, there is a growing argument that the carbon cost of communication will become a far more important consideration in media planning and buying. This is especially true if your company is espousing environmentally sustainable credentials. At first glance this hidden cost might not seem significant. But as the media market fragments, the carbon footprint of buying media inexorably grows. The requirement for low CPM, coupled with the intense fragmentation of the media landscape, ultimately causes a big jump in carbon emissions caused by the same advertisement being placed many more times that it ever has been before.

Understanding the different environmental impacts of media planning options will allow your business to remain both successful and sustainable in a carbon-constrained environment.


There are a number of reasons we are engaged to do this work, which include:

  1. To ensure that the media mix you are approving is in-line with your long-term sustainability policy.
  2. To assist in understanding the strategy and communicate this requirement with your media partners.
  3. To develop sustainability reduction targets and design monitoring and reporting methods to integrate environmental best practice into day-to-day media planning.

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We do this taking a qualitative and quantitative approach to the review and assessment of both your current sustainably policy and media planning and buying workflow. We review with you the current metrics and key performance measures when selecting media channels against your sustainable business and marketing objectives and strategy.


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