Film versus digital video – the war is over and film is dead

For all those production companies and agency creative people who still insist on shooting 35 mm film or 16 mm film instead of high definition digital video, this latest posting on YouTube from AH Films puts another nail in your coffin.

Holding on to out-dated practices long after the rest of the industry moves on is not innovative, is not leading edge and is not creative.

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One Response to Film versus digital video – the war is over and film is dead

  1. Andrew Ostrom says:

    Our ad agency recently shot with a 'red' digital camera. It was interesting. I spoke to another director who had bought one and he told me that while the quality is excellent it does have a couple of drawbacks. For example, when it is used in a white room in daylight with a window the film blows out a little. Not good!!!
    It's very risky to be promoting this at this stage. Particularly as a cost saver. It can lead to a very bad client – agency – production exchange if something does go wrong. Insurance companies get involved and it's messy. YOU REALLY NEED TO FIND OUT THE LIMITATIONS FIRST. Luckily for our agency we were shooting in a studio so we didn't experience any problems.
    We did the post at The Lab (Our spot was going to cinema) and the transfer process was fantastic. However, they do only have one suite to service digital transfers. (You also get the same quality coffee and biscuits as you get in the other suites!)
    I've made many Television commercials over the years and as an Art Director you need complete control when it comes to the grade. I was a nerve wreck! I felt like our job was an experiment.
    Just like the first generation iPhones the quality will be mind blowing in around 5 years time. (Maybe less but not yet.)
    Personally I don't care what we shoot on just as long as the medium gives me quality and control so exceed my client's expectations. I'll continue to proceed with caution so let's just say that film isn't dead just yet.
    Andrew Ostrom
    Creative Director
    Ad Partners

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