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12 innovative media options you may not see proposed by your media agency

We hear constantly about the increasingly fragmenting and complex media market, but do you ever see the innovative, outside the square advertising and media initiatives that this provides?

Or is your media agency inclined to serve up the same old media plans they know you will buy with television core and the mandatory digital with one or two support media choices to provide the media multiplier effect and increase your reach and frequency?

Often when we are engaged to undertake a Media Strategy & Planning Assessment we find that the agency and the Marketer will only consider a handful of tried and tested media options.

During the month of May, Marketing Magazine featured a ‘niche, alternative or emerging’ media option from MediaScope’s directory – with the aim of creating awareness for media which perhaps won’t appear on research and data reports but highlights the types of opportunities which can add reach, impact and value to a marketing and advertising mix.

Have you ever seen any of these make it to your media plans? And if not, perhaps you could ask your agency why?

1. Airborne Advertising – Create maximum ‘sky-high’ brand impact and call to action through flying banners and aerial advertising. Flying banners can be targeted directly to key events or locations while skywriting displays can be visible up to an amazing 30km radius.  A strong clutter-free and engaging outdoor advertising option.

  • Other Aerial & Balloon Advertising Options

2. Golf Ads – Sports venue advertising comes in many forms.  Reach a lucrative – mostly male – audience within direct and intimate setting through a growing network of golf courses across Australia’s east coast.   Advertising is available on billboards placed around the tee, putting green, club house or at the driving range – as well as on score cards and golf balls.  Marketers can choose broad or local coverage to suit geographic needs.

3. JetMax Media – Up, up & away!  Reach targeted business and leisure airline passengers through a range of in-flight advertising options including aircraft wraps, locker ads, in-flight TV & digital itinerary media.  JetMax Media works with both Australian & International airlines and allows marketers to geographically target their advertising reach.

4. Risk Free TV – Pay per response is not just for online advertising.   Risk Free TV helps produce a response driven television commercial and then advertises your product or service on various TV stations at no cost.  Marketers then pay on a pre-agreed cost per lead generated.   Could this form of low-risk, performance based advertising fit into your marketing mix?

5. Myst Media – Digital Signage is a high growth advertising category with screens appearing within increasing point of sale and other populated locations.  Myst Media offers marketers the opportunity to reach consumers in a network of over 970 major service stations Australia-wide.  Screens are placed in high traffic areas such as next to the ATM and shop entrances.

6. FBi Radio – Have you considered community radio as a marketing channel?  FBi 94.5FM was established in 1995 and is an independent not-for-profit community based radio station broadcasting new music and youth culture across Sydney and the greater metropolitan area.  They offer marketers a range of on-air & online options to reach a passionate and loyal youth based audience.

7. NapkinAd – There are a broad range of ambient advertising options available to marketers which can offer both impact and high engagement.  Napkin Ad is one such example where they print and distribute branded luncheon napkins throughout a growing network of food outlets within major CBD, food court & shopping centre locations throughout Australia.

  • Other Ambient Media Advertising Options
  • Other Shopping Centre Advertising Options

8. Easy Weddings – Each year in Australia there are over 116,000 weddings with the industry generating over $2 billion.  Easy Weddings is an awarded and independently owned site reaching active brides-to-be offering them a range of resources, tools & guides as the plan and purchase for their big day.

9. Contagious Network –  Word of mouth is a proven marketing method which can now be driven through various social media platforms.  Brands can effectively change consumer attitudes and behaviour and influence their purchase decisions.  Contagious Network identifies targeted brand supporters, implements and then measures a brand’s social word of mouth activity.

10. – Does your advertising and marketing reach Australia’s diverse and vibrant ethnic communities?  The Chinese community is one of the largest and strongest growing of these groups in Australia. (named in recognition of the year of Columbus’s discovery) provides Chinese-Australians with daily online updates of relevant news, current affairs, sport and lifestyle information.

11. Yellow Envelope – Reach over 5.5 million individual households or create local area by-postcode marketing campaigns through this unique envelope pack containing a selection of non-competing advertising messages and offers. Yellow Envelope packs are delivered through Australia Post and offer high in-home penetration and measureable results.

12. Icy Media – How’s this for a unique ambient advertising solution?  Over 40 million ice bags are sold annually in Australia through outlets such as bottle shops, service stations & supermarkets. Icy Media offers marketers the opportunity to target your brand, product message, competition or redemption offer within this unique and cost effective platform.

  • Other Ambient Media Advertising Options

If you are still getting the same old, same old served up each time by your media agency you could either:

1. Engage us to undertake a TrinityP3 Media Strategy and Planning Assessment

2. Check out the thousands of ideas on the Media Scope directory and challenge your agency to come up with some more innovative and creative media ideas.

Let me know the most unusual media or interesting media option you have ever used by leaving a comment here.

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