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Automotive sport sponsorship assessment – Case study

Client Category: – Automotive – Sport Sponsorship

Challenging Problem:

The client was re-negotiating a major National sport sponsorship and was seeking an independent, industry-based assessment of the package, partnership extension and overall value.

Creative Solution:

TrinityP3 examined the elements and detail of the proposal on 4 levels:

1. Business alignment. How strongly the sponsorship aligned
to the client’s business objectives

2. Quantifiable results. Would the sponsorship deliver on what it was promising and how quantifiable was the spend.

3. Cost / value equation. What additional value would the client receive from the sponsorship for the investment.

4. Leverage. How well does it offer opportunity to leverage connections with potential customers.


After Trinity P3 received the new proposal we sought additional information, including current and prior exposure reports, and key defining business metrics. We then applied industry standard and TrinityP3 benchmarks to assess the tangible and intangible value of the proposal.


The assessment took 2 weeks from clarifying the original contract, analysing results reports and other key metric reports, and assessing each of the elements outlined in the new proposal.

Result and feedback:

Whilst the proposal was strongly aligned to the client’s business objectives, there were opportunities to evolve the measures beyond awareness and media exposure, towards engagement and intention to purchase as key metrics.

It was also recommended to leverage consumer-facing opportunities as part of the proposal. The client successfully negotiated significant additional value, as recommended by TrinityP3, building an even stronger partnership.

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