Technology Supplier Search &/or Selection for Agencies

Do you have a need or are you considering investing in marketing technology? Or have a marketing need or service that technology could solve? Are you confused about the technology options available? Or need independent expert advice on the suppliers and solutions available to you? Technology sales teams do a great job convincing you they have the perfect solution.

We help find the right suppliers for your technology needs and manage the process to ensure you are able to make an independently informed decision on what is the best solution for you to help you either automate the process or grow your business offering. Through this process we provide specialist knowledge and separate the promises from the realities and implications of each solution, including the implementation issues.

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Based on the latest assessment of marketing technology providers there are 5,000 + companies providing various types of marketing technology platforms, software and solutions. While it may be natural to default to one of the larger marketing platform providers, it could mean paying for functionality you may never need. Likewise, selecting one of the more niche providers could result in a lack of scale and support stopping you optimizing results. Certainly IT have an important role in the selection process, but you also need to ensure that needs of the agency teams are met in a way that reflects the marketing culture and process. Technology solutions that require people to change the way they work often fail in the implementation. These factors and others make marketing technology supplier search and selection more complex that any other area of day to day supplier management.


There are a number of ways we can help you search and select the right technology provider for your needs:

  1. Firstly we can ensure you have scoped out your requirements and clearly understand the options in the marketplace.
  2. We can then help you search the market to assemble a shortlist of suitable technology solutions for your specific requirements
  3. We can assist you by managing and advising on the key stages of the selection process from search to appointment
  4. We can fully manage the entire search and selection process for you and your stakeholders to select the right technology solutions

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The process commences with our seeking to understand completely your short and long-term requirements. Then a Search Brief defines the successful outcome and is central to the process. The process itself depends on your current circumstances and the outcome required. We will customise the approach, ensuring that at every step there are both qualitative and quantitative evaluations of the potential technology suppliers.


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