Roster Performance Management

(How to manage your agencies and suppliers to maximise performance)

Do you carry out detailed reviews with all your agencies? Are these reviews quarterly, half yearly or annual? Are contracts and remuneration reviewed annually with each agency in the roster? Do you have a process for providing performance feedback to your agencies? Your roster of agencies needs to be managed to deliver maximum value. 

If you do not have the time or resources to manage your roster performance, we do. We manage agency performance reviews, scope of work definitions, agency remuneration and performance payments to ensure your agency roster is delivering optimal value and performance.

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Managing a roster of agencies could become a full time job if you are not careful. But you need to manage your roster to ensure you maximise the value the various agencies deliver individually and collectively. This means holding regular assessments and providing structured and constructive feedback and regularly reviewing agency scope, remuneration, contracts and performance. The trouble is that many marketing teams do not have the resources or the time to provide a rigorous and disciplined roster management process. The conundrum is that without it you often end up having to spend value time and resources addressing issues and problems that arise between the agencies and across the roster.


The level of engagement we have in Roster Performance Management depends on the size and complexity or the roster and the resources available to the marketer, but it can include:

  1. Providing specific regular services such as scope of work and remuneration benchmarking or providing a roster evaluation platform called Evalu8ing.
  2. Providing an annual or twice yearly Roster Performance Management service including performance, scope of work management, remuneration and contract reviews as agreed.
  3. Providing a monthly comprehensive Roster Performance Management service including all of the above and dispute resolution.

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This is a customised package of all of our services required to optimise and manage Roster Performance including Contract Reviews, Scope of Work Management, roster performance and collaboration evaluation using Evalu8ing and more. We are able to create a package designed to meet your specific needs and deliver a dedicated consultant to ensure a deep understanding of your organisation and strategy.


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