Why a CMO and Digital Marketing Manager engaged TrinityP3 for a Supplier Search

Client Category – Supplier Search

Challenging Problem:

The CMO and Digital Marketing Manager of a leading Australian construction, property and finance company contacted TrinityP3 to provide an independent and objective market search.

 They were looking for specific digital suppliers that could provide the following skills:

  • Drupal web development
  • Website / landing page conversion rate optimisation
  • Paid performance search
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Digital / social advertising and remarketing
  • Paid eDM list acquisition


TrinityP3 implemented its Supplier Selection Process – Market Search Service.

Given the client hadn’t been in the market for a while it was important to assess the size, skill-set, services, client base, market positioning, cost positioning, and overall suitability in order to give an informed perspective of suppliers and options available.


In order to provide the review of the market, TrinityP3 used the following process:

  • Established the search brief with the client team
  • Reviewed the full TrinityP3 agency database against the brief, and developed an initial shortlist of candidate agencies
  • Made contact with the initial shortlist to establish candidate willingness and ability to participate in a review process
  • Finalised the initial shortlist for client consideration
  • Review meeting to provide an evaluation on the shortlist and agree short list of suppliers with full contact details and up-to-date information for each candidate agency


The market search and short list was completed within 2 weeks, allowing the CMO and Digital Marketing Manager to make a decision on how to proceed with a full review against their incumbent suppliers.

Result and feedback:

The market search revealed a variety of options for the client including:

  • Onshore (with interstate impact considerations)
  • Offshore (with process, quality assurance and management implications)
  • All in one agency network structure (with central team structure and service efficiency implications)
  • Full service digital agency (with deep specialist skill-set versus general implications)
  • Specialist skill-set agency (with multi-agency roster management implications)

The market search process also highlighted the duplication of effort and cost that exists across the client’s business.

Due to these findings, the CMO is in further discussion with TrinityP3 as to an internal alignment of digital marketing activity throughout their various business unit silos.

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