Media publisher digital management assessment

Client Category: – Media Publisher

Challenging Problem:

The client was concerned about the effectiveness of current digital resources both internally and externally to their business – including digital content and channel planning, SEO, social media, paid performance media, data analytics, forecasting benchmarks and reporting. TrinityP3 was approached to provide a Digital HealthCheck.

Creative Solution:

The Digital HealthCheck assessed the level, mix and capabilities of current digital resources; the processes and management of those processes; and the efficacy of the current measurement and management systems in place.

The Digital Team was also assessed in terms of an overarching paid (paid advertising), owned (client owned channels), and earned (consumer word of mouth and sharing) framework, and how effectively the team resources, process and measurement methodology deliver on this model.


Once the stakeholders, resources and other inputs were defined, current resource allocations were reviewed, followed by 12 key stakeholder interviews.

Management reporting, process flows and technology (including lead generation email targeting, real time predictive ad placement, and content recommendation engines) were then analysed and assessed in terms of the overall business objectives and effectiveness measures.


The 3-stage process took 4 weeks from briefing to presentation of the final report.

Result and feedback:

The Digital HealthCheck identified critical issues and conflicts around resource suitability, culture fit, planning alignment, standardised taxonomy and naming conventions, media attribution, data tagging and tracking, and reporting methodology.

As a result, the client appointed TrinityP3 to implement a 3-month Strategic Alignment project to help facilitate a digital team transformation.