QSR marketing campaign assessment

Client Category: – Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

Challenging Problem:

The client was launching a national game promotion to help drive incremental retail sales. TrinityP3 was approached to assess all aspects of the promotion from project management, website creation/management/hosting, social media integration, prize pool and fulfilment, through to legals, customer service (inbound and outbound phone line/email query), QR codes and ticketing.

Creative Solution:

Taking the full scope of work and estimates from the agency, we applied our benchmarks and cost calculator to assess the agency resources required and the associated costs. This created an independent reference point to compare the agency costs, deliverables and project value proposed by the agency.


5 estimates, 2 existing part payment invoices (from the prize pool partner and hosting company), and a website scope of work document were provided to TrinityP3 to assess and benchmark. Clarification was required with the client and multiple agency providers prior to the assessment. Final negotiation was carried out between the client and agencies based on the information provided by TrinityP3.


The assessment took 3 weeks from clarifying the scope of work and estimates provided, and redefining specific line items and definitions.

Result and feedback:

The assessment delivered just under 10% and more than $120,000 in overall savings on the original estimates.  This was achieved by removing duplicated resources, margin from 3rd party suppliers as well as identifying more accurate estimation of cost centres (eg: splitting out mobile v landline call rates for customer service; clarity on technology and social integrations), whilst also acknowledging that some areas of the project were under-scoped.

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