How to attend the shoot or edit without leaving the office

When you hear about technology and innovation in television production it is usually focused on what new whizz-bang visual effect can be achieved with the latest piece of expensive computer effects equipment. And every director will want to find that next television commercial production to try it out on. But there are also many technology innovations that actually reduce the costs associated with television production. While these will not necessarily make the headlines of the media or even the production trade media, they are creating a quiet revolution in the 21st century approach to production.

Transforming Advertising Production for the 21st Century

Good afternoon everyone. I’m going to have a chat to you about transforming production for the 21st century. So I’ll give you a little bit of background about myself. I’ve been doing production related things for many, many years, going way back to the 70s unfortunately. So I’ve seen a lot of transformation throughout that time, that was the pre digital age and I’ve done that in Europe, all through Asia and in Australia all down the eastern seaboard. So this is a subject I’ve worked with for a long time, most of my career, and it’s transformed many times but hopefully today I can give you some pointers that will help you transform as well.