Innovating broadcast production during a global pandemic

Innovating broadcast production during a global pandemic

Topic: Innovating broadcast production during a global pandemic

Date: Wednesday August 12

Time: 16.30 – 17.30H AEST

Presenters: Hosted by Darren Woolley, Global CEO, TrinityP3 with
Clive Duncan, Senior Production Consultant, TrinityP3

Description: Border closures. Social distancing. Remote working. These have naturally had a huge impact on advertising production. But in fact, necessity is the mother of invention. During this time there has been significant innovation in production. Driven by technology and embraced to achieve the desired outcome.

During the webinar we discuss:

  • The limitations of production during the pandemic
  • The impact and opportunities at each stage of the production process
  • Examples of recent productions and their techniques
  • Provide practical innovations to overcome the limitations

We will be reviewing and discussing some of the innovations and opportunities for producing broadcast advertising during the pandemic. Anyone interested in finding ways of delivering production solutions during this testing time will get value from this webinar.

Video Recording:

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