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“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs

Innovation is a word that enjoys a broad definition, which in practice is often misunderstood. True innovation in any part of an organisation is capable of driving astonishing business transformations. Just look at Apple.

The confidence to innovate is a powerful leadership enabler. But it’s easier said than done.

In Marketing, Innovation should be a constant.

Today’s consumer is elusive and powerful. They demand greater control of the content they choose to receive. They expect precision, relevance, entertainment and opportunity in varying degrees based on their exact point in their purchase journey.

Marketers possess ability to unlock doors between consumers and their products or brands. This makes marketing critical to the success of an organisation. The efficiency and effectiveness of marketing programs depends on a continuous innovation cycle. Marketing innovation relies on numerous factors, both internal and external, to live and breathe.

The Marketer should be a Critical Business Influencer.

Marketing teams do not always possess the requisite amount of internal influence to shape change.

Modern marketers do not just have to market products to consumers. They need to profile the work of their own department internally. In doing so, successful marketing teams realise greater opportunity to influence, in step with the rest of their organisation. Influence leads to change aimed at better business outcomes.

Becoming an influencer within an organisation is tough. Innovation in structure, in approach to market, in your supplier network, in your route to optimal efficiency and effectiveness, in the execution and in demonstration of results is often necessary to drive growth.

Innovate to improve your results.

TrinityP3 can help you to influence, and to innovate. Our consultants all have at least ten years of experience across diverse commercial specialisms. We work in hand-picked teams, tailored to the expertise required for your specific project.

We exist to help you drive best possible performance outputs. We can help you innovate to achieve this in three core areas:

Marketing Performance

How aligned is your marketing team with your organisation? Are there optimal structures, processes and deliverables in place to drive forward?

We possess significant experience of working with marketing teams across APAC and beyond. We bring best-practice thinking to bear in delivery of improved marketing performance.

Agency Performance

As the scope and definition of marketing continues to grow, it becomes harder for one group of people to ‘know it all’. Agencies have diversified over time, to meet demand for specialist services. The result can often be unwieldy agency rosters, un-checked process and sub-optimal relationships.

A number of our consultants are ex-agency practitioners from several disciplines. We can structure your roster, search and select the strongest agency partners, establish beneficial remuneration and incentive models, benchmark core performance outputs and assess relationships to deliver performance improvement from your agency teams.

Delivery & Implementation Performance

What happens when the rubber hits the road?

The right building blocks, internal and external, are essential in starting the journey to improved performance. But the delivery and implementation of marketing programmes represent crunch time.

Is your production process and management efficient? Are you able to report outcomes with conviction and clarity, or are you drowning in data? Is your marketing effort environmentally sustainable?

We assess the strength of your delivery and work with you to trim the fat, untangle the threads and improve your results.

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