Top 10 ways to make data drive better marketing results – Infographic

There is a lot of talk about data, be it first, second or third party data. But no matter what the type of data; Big Data or small data, the best use of data is to drive marketing and business results. So for tips on how to use data to drive better marketing results, start your journey here.

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From the infographic:

1. Identify the myriad of data variables being gathered across your business from all sources. Warning: you will be shocked.

2. Prioritise the most valuable data sets for strategic marketing purposes. The most critical step that is typically overlooked.

3. Identify how data can be utilized across customer and consumer journeys to deliver a better experience.

4. Identify patterns in data to serve up more relevant content, imagery, and personalisation. People expect you to know them now.

5. Test, test, and test some more. Use your data insights to evolve and beat your benchmarks.

6. Manage all data in a warehouse and only pull and push the relevant data into and out of systems for targeted marketing.

7. Gather data and feedback through engagement and user behavior rather than boring surveys and form fields.

8. Focus on the scale of your activity rather than majoring in the minors.

9. Measure the return on your data-driven marketing investment.

10. Contact TrinityP3. We have the independent experience to stop you drowning in data, and to advise on how to improve your marketing performance.