Top 10 Tips For Agency Briefings – Infographic

It all starts with the agency brief. So you want to make the best start possible. But there seems to be as many different briefing formats and processes, as there are agencies. What is clear though is here you’ll find some sure fired tips for making your briefing process more effective.

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From the infographic:

1. INSPIRATION. Share your passion for your brand, product or service with the agency team. An exciting briefing motivates team to do exciting work.

2. INFORMATION. Don’t be lazy. The more relevant information you put together for them the less desk work they have to do and the more time they have to be creative.

3. CLARITY – K.I.S.S. Work hard on your brief so it remains focussed on the key message. Attach all ancillary information as supporting documentation to the brief.

4. TARGETTING. Be crystal clear on who you are talking to and what they know, think and feel about your brand or service already.

5. OBJECTIVES / KPIS. Agree these up front and align with the agency. If everyone knows where they are heading there is less chance of getting lost on the way and more opportunity to celebrate success at the end.

6. TIMINGS. Be realistic with your timings if you want a good result. Unfortunately, creativity doesn’t come at the push of a button so give the agency as much time as you can.

7. BUDGET. Tell the agency how much money they have. Don’t say “it’s an open brief” unless you have $5 million to spend. Give them boundaries.

8. COLLABORATION. Where possible brief all agency partners simultaneously and encourage them to collaborate and share ideas throughout the process.

9. COMMUNICATION. That strange thing often missing in relationships. Keep it open. Keep it honest. Be flexible where you can.

10. CONTACT TRINITYP3 for advice on agency engagement and relationships. We run workshops and have tools to make processes more efficient and effective and help manage relationships for the long term.