Top 10 tips for maintaining a successful client / agency relationship – Infographic

Your agency and agency roster is an extension of your marketing team. Having this extended team working well together is essential for developing and maintaining a high performance marketing function. But it takes time and resources and these tips will help you deliver the results.

Client agency relationship tips

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From the infographic:

1. Transparency. Honesty and transparency are key to any relationship be it business or pleasure. Establish that openness early on so problems down the track can be addressed quickly and painlessly.

2. Collaboration. View your agency as a partner, not a supplier, and extend that sense of partnership and collaboration between all agencies.

3. Communication. Establish lines of communication early in the relationship and create an understanding of how communication lines will stay open and information will be shared between teams.

4. Strategic Alignment. Make sure your teams are aligned strategically, preferably before you partner with an agency. There is nothing worse than two teams who are not on the same page.

5. Process. Articulate a clear “Way of Working” between teams. A simple 1day engagement workshop can align all teams on process, timings, and key aspects of day-to-day project management.

6. Cultural Alignment. Make sure that team culture is nurtured and time is taken for the teams to get together outside of BAU and high-pressure deadlines. A strong team culture is able to resolve most issues as it creates trust, loyalty and openness.

7. Setting and Managing Expectations. Take the time to sit down together and talk about expectations in the relationship, the work and the process. Appoint members from each team to make sure expectations are managed on both sides.

8. Regular Reviews. Establish formal reviews for both teams to survey each other to assess if there are any issues or weak spots that need to be addressed. Importantly, make sure it is qualitative as well as quantitative.

9. Action. Always list key action points arising from a review process attributing responsibility to team members as well as timeframes.

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