Top 10 ways to manage your PR consultancy more effectively – Infographic

With the increasing infiltration of social media into all aspects of our personal and business lives, Public Relations (PR) and reputation management has become an even more important marketing function. Having the right PR advisor is one thing: having the correct organizational structure to be able to effectively deal with both positive and defensive messaging is another. Here are some tips on how to effectively work with your PR consultant.

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From the infographic:

1. Before appointing a new PR consultancy, meet the account team, not just the directors.

2. Request a profile on the team and their charge out rates to determine their experience, expertise and costs.

3. Set quantifiable and defined objectives, based on your business and marketing objectives, with your PR consultancy including timelines, costs and results.

4. Negotiate either a set project fee or retainer to be incorporated into a written agreement or contract defining the services required, rates and key performance measurements.

5. Always brief your PR at the same time as you brief your advertising agency to ensure synergy in your communications activity.

6. Always keep the consultancy focused on outcomes with regular update reports on the progress against the set objectives.

7. Evaluate publicity campaigns on ‘quality’ of coverage not ‘quantity’. A well-placed article with all of your key messages is much more valuable than a range of articles in publications your customers will never read.

8. Use your PR consultancy to build and facilitate direct relationships between you and your stakeholders. After a while, journalists should be calling you direct.

9. Listen to the advice of your PR consultants – you’re paying for it.

10. Contact TrinityP3.