Strategic Alignment

At the highest level, it’s about helping marketers, procurement and management understand what strategic drivers and considerations are necessary to deliver their marketing objectives. And ensuring that those marketing objectives are aligned to their business needs.

Strategic questions include;
Do you have the right structure in the marketing department and the right engagement process internally and externally?
Do you have service providers for your marketing plan?
Do you have the right contracts in place?
Do you have the right remuneration model that encourages results?

Strategic versus reactive.
All too often marketers react to the marketplace rather than monitoring it and making strategic decisions on how to engage with it. The reactive approach means decisions are taken quickly and without planning, and costly mistakes made which have to be fixed later. Both approaches move with the same speed, but one is rushed and the other is well considered. A strategic approach is also more likely to be innovative because it enables an organisation to recognise and capture opportunities before the competition.
Strategic planning puts you in the right place at the right time, and gives you the chance to be a market leader rather than a follower.

TrinityP3’s Strategic Alignment services include:

  1. Roster Rationalisation
  2. Supplier Search & Selection
  3. Remuneration
  4. Contracts
  5. Engagement Agreements
  6. Environmental Strategy
  7. Strategic Production Sourcing

1. Roster rationalisation

Determine the optimum number, caliber and mix of suppliers to deliver your needs.
Supplier rosters can be like coat hangers, you turn around and suddenly more have simply appeared. Often agency rosters develop organically in response to short term needs or to fill skill gaps in the existing roster. Reviewing the roster on a regular basis provides the opportunity to take a more strategic approach to your roster of suppliers. Aligning your agency roster to your strategic needs can provide increased value by removing duplication, underperformance and reduce the internal resources required to manage the large number of suppliers. Email for a proposal

2. Supplier search and selection

Select the ideal supplier to deliver your needs.
Supplier search and selection can be time consuming, costly and disruptive. Finding the range of suppliers available in the market place is often difficult to obtain. Any process requires a high level of due diligence and governance to ensure the outcome is positive for all participants and avoid any potential reputation damage. TrinityP3 has a range of services to suit advertisers of all sizes and all requirements. We provide expertise in a full range of marketing services categories including media, creative, digital, public relations, design, research, promotions, etc. There are three TrinityP3 services to assist advertisers looking for new service providers: 
1. Industry Search 
2. Pitch Management Pack 
3. Managed Search & Selection. Email for a proposal
Download a full presentation on TrinityP3’s range of Search & Selection services

3. Remuneration

Ensure your remuneration level and type supports the delivery of maximum value.
The role of remuneration is more than simply paying for the resources and services you need. Remuneration models can encourage your suppliers to work together more collaboratively. It can encourage the supplier to align their service delivery to your strategic needs and objectives. And it can provide you with the flexibility to change your level of remuneration to reflect your changing needs. No matter if you are paying a media agency or a PR company, a digital agency or an events manager, a creative agency or a sale promotion company, TrinityP3 has the methodology to ensure you implement the most effective model to suit your circumstances and deliver your strategic needs. Email for a proposal
Or calculate your agency’s salaries, head hour rates, billable hours and mark-up multiple here using our TrinityP3 Calculators for best practice methodology.

4. Contracts

Develop contracts that provide transparency, accountability and management efficiency.
Contracts are an essential part of any business relationship in defining the scope of the relationship and managing the day-to-day activity and service delivery of that relationship. Yet many contracts become quickly irrelevant to the functioning of the relationship until a problem occurs, when one or both parties realise the gaps or inadequacies of their current contract… if in some cases, it even exists. Email for a proposal

5. Engagement Agreements

Replace SLAs and supplier KPIs to encourage more collaborative working environments.
Traditionally, service level agreements and KPIs were used to set service expectations. But these are very uni-directional and based on a servant master relationship. In marketing, the service level of the service provider is directly impacted and dependent on the role of the marketer. Therefore TrintyP3 provides a process for developing an Engagement Agreement through a series of workshops between marketers and agencies to discuss and agree the expectations and needs of both parties at every touch point and interaction. Email for a proposal

6. Environmental Strategy

Aligning marketing practice and impact with the organisational environmental strategy.
When most organisations set a carbon neutral environmental objective, the life-cycle audit will often include all aspects of the business except the very function that informs stakeholders of the objective and results. Marketing plays an essential communications role in any environmental strategy for most organisations. Therefore it is essential that marketers are able to develop a sustainable environmental strategy that is aligned with the organisation’s goals. Email for a proposal

7. Strategic Supplier Sourcing

Achieve cost efficiencies and enhanced quality through effective production and supply sourcing.
Traditionally, suppliers on behalf of the client held most third party supplier contracts for printing, television production and merchandise. Even some contracts with media proprietors were held and managed by the agency. Today, many companies realise the more cost effective and transparent approach is to engage and manage these relationship directly with the third party suppliers. TrinityP3 helps our clients identify the areas of opportunity based on the volume of your investment in each area and the level of opportunity that each of these areas provides. One of the key areas is online applications and digital build, which unlike traditional media production, must be seen as an investment and not simply a consumable cost. Email for a proposal

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