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Organizational Charts

Some of the more interesting work we have been undertaking at TrinityP3 in the past five years is designing new marketing structures for our clients. This work arose from the projects where we would restructure their external roster of agencies and suppliers to their strategy, only to have them ask if we could do the same with their internal structure, which they had realised through the process, was often aligned to the business silo structure and not the customer strategy.

This work has been done for a wide range of companies and categories including Financial Services, Automotive, Higher Education, Property & Construction and more.

Late last year I was interviewed by Lara Sinclair from Simple.HQ on the trends in marketing structures we had observed beyond the centralised and decentralised dichotomy typically seen in the past.

This was along with her interviews of other market experts including Mark O’Connor, Managing Director, Perceptor; Kobie Fuller, Investment Partner, Accel Partners; Grant Pattison, Senior Manager, IAG Commercial; Anthony Kennada, VP Marketing, Gainsight; Ryan Bonnici, Marketing Director, Hubspot; Jenny Wilson, Head of Customer Strategy & Insight, Deloitte Australia; Tien Tzuo, CEO, Zuora and more.

The report and insights based on this market review; “The Changing Structure of Marketing in the Age of Disruption” can be downloaded for free here at Simple.HQ

It is also beautifully summarised here in this infographic developed from the report.


9 modern marketing organizational charts

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