Andy Pontin

(Video transcript)
We’ve worked with the guys at TrinityP3 on quite a few pitches and processes and for us it’s always been fantastic.
One of the things that I find in pitches that work against good agencies is that they can become like arranged weddings, you don’t get to get under the skin of the client, the client doesn’t get to really understand what the agency can offer and the quality of the people.
The process that TrinityP3 puts in place forces that to happen through workshops and high levels of engagement, so for us we always go into that with a greater sense of confidence because the agencies can’t hide behind a hype reel, you are what you are in the room for half a day or through the strategic workshop, and in that process the good agencies will win out more times than they lose out so we are in many ways enthusiastic when TrinityP3 are actually involved in a pitch, rather than thinking the other way so.
I think they run it very well, we’ve won some pitches through TrinityP3, we’ve lost some through TrinityP3, but we’ve always come out at the end thinking it was run well, that we had a real chance to put our best foot forward and that the client has made a valid and well thought through decision.