Jon McKie

(Video transcript)
What I think makes TrinityP3 different and better is the fact that they pick great people and they’ve got a great process.
So the people working for TrinityP3 are professional, they come from blue-chip marketing backgrounds and what I particularly appreciate is the fact that they’re objective about the process, and that means that they don’t bring subjectivity to any decision making that allows you to get confused.
You need to work out for yourself what the client feedback is. Process wise I think the two stage process they go through, where firstly you go through a workshop prior to actually developing creative work is the invaluable one, both from an agency and a client’s perspective because you get to see us working as a team, and seeing us for who we really are and seeing dynamics between different members of the staff, rather than stage managing everything, so it’s a much more realistic appraisal of the potential working relationship, which we think gets to a mutually better working place.