Julie McDonald

St Vincent de Paul Society retained Trinity P3 to assist with the appointment of a new creative agency. With a very complex federated structure and decentralised decision making, previous pitch processes had been very long winded and time consuming for the Society. Even before they were formally appointed, Trinity P3 gave excellent advice on the best way to approach and simplify the process. They innately understood the complexities of the NFP sector and how important it was to get buy in from both paid and volunteer stakeholders. Trinity P3 literally drove the process from working with the St Vincent de Paul Society on the initial market search, assistance with the tender process planning, scorecard development, shortlisting and then the final financial benchmarking. All States were incredibly impressed with the service level provided. From a risk perspective, it was very reassuring to internal stakeholders that a decision was being made in such an open and transparent way. Of immense benefit was the financial benchmarking which is often where we as internal marketing teams become undone. Trinity P3 guided us through this process, negotiated on our behalf and have worked with us on finalising the agency contract. We would not hesitate to appoint Trinity for similar process in the future.