Mark Green

(Video transcript)
I think the starting place for a solid remuneration agreement is a well-defined scope of work. We’ve worked with TrinityP3 on three clients and three remuneration deals and on each occasion we’ve got a very well defined scope of work which means we know exactly what services we’re delivering and how much labor is employed to deliver that work and we find that that has benefited the agent client relationship because there is no doubt that we’re actually being paid fairly for the work that is being delivered.
Now I think that this is an approach that is really important not only for the agency but also for the client relationship. I think where there’s not a clear scope of work agreed up front there’s always that sickening feeling after twelve months that you’ve actually delivered more work then you’ve been paid for and that puts a bit of tension on the relationship and the best way to overcome that is actually sitting down and defining that scope of work up front.