Paul Bradbury

(Video transcript)
I’ve been through the pitch process with TrinityP3 twice now. The first time was for Vodafone where we were unsuccessful though we got to the final stages and most recently we were successful on the IAG pitch review.
Obviously I’ve worked with a number of consultants and been through different ways of clients conducting pitches. I think of all the processes we’ve been through the TrinityP3 process thus far has certainly been the most rigorous, I think its fair to say and the most complete pitch process we’ve been through and why I think its good, because I’m trying to see it from both sides.
The agency side as well as if I was a client, which way would I want to go? What’s good about it is you really do get to get under the bottom of the agency cause its not just all about smoke and mirrors final polished presentation.
You actually get to see the dynamics of the team you’re going to be working with and it’s very hard to master that when you are literally spending an intense day with that client. So from a clients point of view, you know you get to see the thinking but you get a sense of the chemistry and you get a sense of the dynamics between the team and good clients will very quickly sniff out those agencies pretending they are for real.