Russel Howcroft

(Video transcript)
We’re in the ad game and its our job to grow our business and the way we do that of course is by winning new business pitches.
I’ve worked with TrinityP3 over a number of years. Probably since they first started working in this field and I have to say I’ve always been an advocate for the role of businesses such as TrinityP3 and I am very strong on Darren and his team, the systems they have in place and the process that they ask the agencies to go through.
Most importantly of all I think its incredibly efficient. It’s a very efficient way to do it on both the clients side, its very efficient for the client equally its very efficient for agency and I’ve perhaps most importantly found it to be fair and in this game, as you know its highly competitive, there are lots of people all wanting a piece of the action and I think most critically of all if you can go through a process that TrinityP3 takes you through you leave it having a sense that its been fair.