Sean Cummins

(Video transcript)
I’ve just been through pitch process with TrinityP3 and it was a really good process and the best way of describing it is robust and probably an unusual way of describing it was that there were good manners throughout the whole process.
Everyone felt that they were being honestly spoken to, communicated with when the issues needed to be communicated and there was a sense of fairness that I thought removed any need to do anything but just attack the problem and throw ourselves completely into the pitch.
he client wasn’t kept at arms length, there was an intimacy in the process and I think an ability for us to get to know the client and that’s the key thing. If you can read the client well and not feel that there’s interference and not feel that there is that slight distance.
You’re never going get the result you want because you’re not getting a good exposure. So I enjoyed the TrinityP3 process and I’d happily do it again and I think it is the model for how to pitch for business in this new age and I’d recommend them.