Ty Hayes

Undertaking any large-scale procurement process within a University environment is an extremely complex and time-consuming matter. It’s also critical that you get it right, as you are left to live with those decisions and work with your new partners for a number of years.

We partnered with TrinityP3 to simplify the complex and help us explore a vast array of agency combinations to find the perfect match for our needs. We were looking for a new breed of creative and media agency partners that could help us transition from a local marketing strategy to a global marketing strategy. We needed agencies that were data-driven, customer-centric and digital first. Agencies that would drag us forward and lead us into a new era of marketing.

From the initial scoping meetings and workshops, to the last pitch presentation and final close-out calls, Nathan, David, Anita from Trinity P3 delivered every step of the way. They were extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful. We’re thrilled with the outcome and we look forward to working with our new partners as we embark on our new global mission. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or use the TrinityP3 team again.