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The Golden Rule – The man with the gold makes the rules

Don’t like how your marketing is performing? Or how your media investment is going? Or your agencies are collaborating or not? Then it is time to use the Golden Rule and make some new rules. If the current ones are not working, then it is up to you to change the rules. Find out how here in a Golden Minute.


Frustrated? Tired? Trouble with your agencies?
Can’t get them to work together?
Then you need to apply the Golden Rule.
What’s the Golden Rule?
I will tell you.
The man with the gold makes the rules.
So, do you own your own budget?
Do you control the budget you spend with the agencies?
Then you are the man (or woman) with the gold.
So, if you don’t like the way the game is being played
Then it is time to make some new rules.
If you don’t have the gold, then you need to find out who does.
But beware. When you make the rules, you have to be prepared for how the game will get played.
We’ve been umpiring these games for more than 15 years so if you want some hints on the best rules to make, just ask.