Top 10 tips for improving media strategy (Media Planning) – Infographic

For most CMO’s media is the largest marketing budgetary expense under direct management. Scarily it is often the least understood. With complex contractual relationships and ever increasing media channels it is difficult for budget owners to keep up with the media market and it’s inherent risks. At TrinityP3 we understand the great opportunities as well and the pitfall and have prepared this simple guide to help you on your way.

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From the infographic:

1. Mandate a collaborative inter-agency approach. The media strategy will be richer if it is properly contextualized with all other relevant parts of the marketing strategy.

2. Develop the strategic goals. The goals should be small in number, significant yet realistic, business orientated, measureable and focused on quality of connection, and conversion to action, not just reach.

3. Express the strategic goals in a concise, clear, non-directive brief. Your agencies should have no doubt about why the brief exists, what creative latitude they have, and what the strategy needs to deliver.

4. Allow development time – and be a part of that development. Welcome any agency invitation to get involved in working sessions, check-ins or similar rather than waiting in the dark for a solution.

5. Cross-check the strategy against the goals. Is the strategy validated via direct reference to how it will deliver to the goals outlined in the brief? If not, what needs to change?

6. Interrogate the linkage between strategic platform and channel plan. Make sure the insight is sound; that the strategy is brought to life by the proposed channel plan; that the channel plan is focused enough to make an impact; and enables paid, owned, earned and shared connections (POES).

7. When listening to the recommendation, think like your consumer – not a marketer. Always challenge your agency to put the lens of consumer reality on every insight, every channel and every anticipated behavior.

8. Allow enough time (and resource) for execution. The quality of the media strategy is only fully realized in execution, and the quality of execution is heavily influenced by lead time.

9. Be bold, and embrace failure as learning. Your media agency will never be able to push boundaries unless you’re willing to stand by them.

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