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What comes first, channel or content?

When developing your marketing communications strategy which do you consider first, the channel or the content? While many will say both the truth is that with increased fragmentation this has become next to impossible. So, does one lead the other? Find out here in a Golden Minute.


When planning advertising what comes first?
Do you choose the channel or media? Or concept or content?
Some try to do both at the same time and get frustrated when it doesn’t come together.
Others prefer to have the big idea then work out the channels to best deliver that concept.
Others prefer to work out the channels or media to reach their audience at a time and place
to engage them.
Both must work hand in hand
The question is, in a media landscape of fragmented audiences and increasing media channels, which is more critical?
Is there one you favor? Or not? And why?
How does this impact on your go to market process?
Because it definitely impacts all parts of your marketing from structure to roster to remuneration.
And that we can help you with.