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Top 10 tips for renegotiating your agency remuneration

Obviously there are now more ways of remunerating your agencies than ever before and we work with our clients to assist in finding the best model to suit their needs. But there are some basic steps to take when you are about to enter into an agency remuneration review with your incumbent agencies which can make the process less complicated and protracted.

1. Create a 12-month job cost summary that identifies your advertising and media spend by brand and type. For a new brand or agency, use budget and costs from a similar brand activity as a base.

2. Ask the agency to supply a summary of the key personnel, their position, responsibilities and the current or projected percentage of time they will be assigned to your business.

3. The agency should provide you with a comprehensive schedule of fees, for their internal and external services, to be benchmarked against industry averages.

4. Review the past year’s advertising and media activity and identify projects that ran either over budget or over schedule.

5. Investigate projects with budget over-runs and see how the remuneration agreement could be structured to control these.

6. Review your marketing budget and plans for the coming 12 months noting any changes in level and type of advertising activity.

7. Review the agency human resources in the context of your marketing plan for the coming 12 months and make estimations regarding the level of service required.

8. Review your current contract removing superfluous clauses or adding any new clauses required to reflect your changing needs.

9. Review the various remuneration models available and shortlist those appropriate to your business to be discussed with your agency.

10. Contact TrinityP3 as we can provide you with industry benchmarks in regards to cost, resources and remuneration models so you can make a more informed decision on the remuneration solution to suit your current and future advertising needs.

What problems have you encountered in remuneration negotiations both from an advertiser and agency point of view?

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