Top 10 tips for winning new business – Infographic

Winning new business is the life-blood of any advertising agency. Driving growth, bringing on new clients and energising the agency culture. But what is the secret to winning new business? Here are some great tips from APAC’s leading pitch consultants on what works and what does not.

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From the infographic:

1. Strategy & Pipeline: Do you have a NB strategy and have you ensured it targets the right audience? Do you know which Clients would be a great alignment with your team and skill sets? Setting expectations will help everyone get on board with your strategy

2. Is The Agency On Board: Internally align your strategy to share your ambitions within the company – ensure you have approval to use the resources needed and the budget required to spend.

3.Tool Kit: Are your sales tools up to date? Your website should have the latest case studies updated, your credentials should have the latest team member bios and your team should be prepared to know the material to present. What’s your elevator pitch?

4. PR: Are you enrolling the efforts of everyone internally and raising their profiles via speaking events, networking nights, specialist commentary in industry press? Are you talking to the right audience i.e. clients? Or are you just talking amongst your peers?

5. Training: Do you have confidence the frontline team can approach an opportunity with confidence? Don’t waste an opportunity by sending the wrong troops to the frontline if they are not prepared.

6. Nurture Existing Relationships: Existing clients, supplier relationships, don’t ignore what is already in front of you by way of referrals or ongoing opportunity

7. Capabilities: Review and align your teams experience to target relevant clients within your strategy (see point 1)

8. Research your contacts: Have you done some desk research and do you have case studies that would interest your target. How much do you already know about their business to share insights that may peak their interest?

9. Keep in touch: Don’t give up or just drop all contact, utilize the contacts you have by following up with interesting updates about the agency

10. TrinityP3 Database: Are your details updated on the agency register for pitch consultants to review? www.trinityp3/agencyregister Or if you need help to review your agency credentials and positioning, contact TrinityP3 to organize a consultant review