Can management consultants teach ‘value’ to the advertising agencies?

advertising agencies value

It is interesting to see how the advertising industry has reacted to the recent acquisition play of the management consultant firms like Accenture and PWC. Some people embrace the trend while others are sceptical as to the efficacy of the strategy. Will Accenture be able to leverage the value of their investment in Karmarama and Monkeys on opposite sides of the world? Or will what is seen as fundamental cultural differences cause it to fail? Time will tell.

The art of saying no to clients without feeling guilty

Art of saying no

We all want to be liked. It is human nature to crave acceptance and feel we belong. It is possible that some disciplines such as advertising and marketing attract a more socially focused personality type than others. So when it comes to saying ‘No’ to a client request, it can be an incredibly difficult task, which leaves you feeling dejected and guilty.

But there are times when it is important for the health and well-being of a relationship and your own self esteem that you are able to master the art of saying no without causing offence or ending up wallowing in guilt and self loathing.

25 client and agency personality types that will influence relationships

Client agency personality types.

In advertising, marketing and media there is a lot of discussion on the management and optimisation of the client / agency relationship. In fact any Google search of the term yields many millions of hits from the sublime to the often ridiculous. But it is clearly a hot and important topic. The marketing and advertising process is an iterative one, with input from a significant number of stakeholders within an organisation and outside suppliers. During my career a common phrase was “It is a people business” and therefore developing the right people relationships is important to achieving productive relationships. So the question is; “Is there an ideal client / agency relationship?”