Agency search and selection for global health client

Challenging Problem:

A local marketing team, who had never engaged an agency before, were facing a major challenge. They not only required a local agency for their communications campaign locally, they also had an immediate need for campaigns to be developed across the various emerging markets, starting in Latin America and rolling out in the longer term to Asia.

This posed a significant challenge for the marketing team to find and appoint and then work on a global communications campaign, but also a significant challenge for TrinityP3 to find the right solution to deliver the teams needs to the relatively limited marketing budget provided.

Creative Solution:

TrinityP3 developed and presented 3 options to the client that all met their requirements:

  1. A ‘local agency’ model – separate offices in each market working to build strategies in those markets.
  2. An ‘offshore hub’ model – central agency hub based in another market (e.g. the US), leading the account and liaising with local agency offices for campaign activation.
  3. The recommended model being a ‘local hub’ model – central agency hub based in Australia, leading the account and liaising with local agency offices for campaign activation.


Having previously worked with the lead client, TrinityP3 were approached to work with an internal division with very specific needs to market their product on a global scale.

The brief was for a global scope of work with initial brand work locally to be developed and managed with the local team, then the need to consider campaign activation initially in Latin America and in the future campaign activation in other emerging markets including Asia.

Therefore, we implemented an international market search for a global network agency with a local hub. The agency was required to not only present solutions for managing other agencies on an international scale however also their financial model to manage the full scope on behalf of the client.


The search and selection process took 9 weeks and the agency was appointed to manage the full scope on a local front with the global requirements also managed on behalf of the client.

Result and feedback:

Financially we had to create an effective model for the client to have the local resources manage their global scope as required however still create enough resource levels globally to achieve their campaign needs. Having not engaged an agency previously we also needed to create on behalf of the client the initial scope and budget breakdown based on their brief without historical data.

Through our pitch process and via our brief to the agencies, we were able to introduce to the client the local agency leads who effectively would be their brand custodians. We also facilitated and introduced the client to the global network teams who would work with their teams in those international offices. Giving them a level of comfort that the chosen network had the requirements to meet their brief at all levels.

TrinityP3’s comprehensive Search & Selection process provides extensive market knowledge, tightly defined process and detailed evaluation and assessment, to help you find the right agency supplier.

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