Achieve internal alignment through agency search & selection

Client Category – NGO – Agency Search & Selection

Challenging Problem:

Given the structure and nature of the business the biggest problem was a level of service to the business across the various state-based offices and ever increasing costs with no benchmark for comparison. The Client worked on a project by project basis, both nationally and on a state market basis which allowed the agency to cost the project every time with great variation.

Creative Solution:

The first solution was to agree on finding an agency of the right size and fit for the Client that offered a full service, therefore streamlining the process so each State office would go through one point of contact for all briefs. The collaborative workshop process allowed all state and national stakeholders to participate and align in this selection process.

The second recommendation was to ensure the brief to the right agencies would clarify their desire to work with a NFP with limited budget.


To align all State stakeholders we ran a collaborative, workshop based pitch process that allowed all participants to score each agency on their experience, ability and passion for the business. This gave us a clearly aligned outcome that was used to appoint the successful agency.

The scope of work was reviewed by each competing agency to offer their set pricing as part of the pitch, therefore moving forward, the Client would not have to review each project and negotiate.


The process was executed with a representative from each State office so decision-making was done at the end of each stage. This allowed TrinityP3 to facilitate the process over a very economical six-week period.

Result and feedback:

The clients were extremely happy with the process and could not believe how straight-forward the process was and how easy the communication was having TrinityP3 facilitate on their behalf during the process and with the financial negotiation.


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