Public education campaign requiring agency alignment

Client Category: – Public Education

Challenging Problem:

The client team had run an integrated creative pitch that ended up with a split decision – the lead creative idea from one agency had researched powerfully, yet the digital approach from another agency had impressed everybody involved in the process.

The client team had been instructed by the broader organisation to combine the two approaches, but was unsure of how to make this work in practice.

Creative Solution:

First of all, TrinityP3 questioned the decision to combine two creative approaches rather than go with the best partnership. However, once it became clear that a combination of two was the only acceptable solution to the broader organisation, focus turned to how to make the arrangement work.

TrinityP3 set about:

1. Benchmarking the scope of work.

TrinityP3 assessed the resource levels and mix required to produce the combined campaign proposed, and developed a benchmark to be applied to the activity as a whole, were it to be produced by one agency in the normal way

2. Inviting proposals from the participating agencies.

The agencies were asked to cost the defined resource plan, with scope to add hours and resource for co-ordination between agencies where required. These submissions were then refined and optimised in discussions between the agencies and TrinityP3

3. Establishing a workable model.

TrinityP3 then worked with the agencies and the client team to agree a practical working approach to the task of producing, running and optimising the combined campaign so that the process remained efficient, the participating agencies were able to turn a profit, and the client team received value from the model


The work was completed within a month

Result and feedback:

The campaign budget was cut substantially halfway through the negotiations, which meant that the benchmarks and working model became even more important in assessing value and maintaining agency participation. The result was an agreement on approach, financials and responsibilities from all parties that ensured a smooth and efficient campaign development process.