How TrinityP3 helps advertisers find the perfect PR partners – Four case studies

PR Partners for advertising

This post is by Anita Zanesco, a Senior Consultant at TrinityP3. Anita brings a unique blend of insights, creativity and understanding to the communications industry particularly in the areas of talent management, agency process and new business pitch management.

While traditionally public relations was a part of the marketing communications mix, it was often confined to the role of media relations and engaged to amplify the paid media campaign with additional media coverage garnered through press releases and media stunts.

But taking the cue from corporate strategy where public relations plays a more strategic role in reputation management, marketers are increasingly looking for Public Relations agencies who can work with their existing communications partners in developing and executing comms strategies.

Recently TrinityP3 has been engaged in assisting marketers select Public Relations firms to meet very specific strategic requirements, which has utilised our extensive Agency Register and market knowledge to provide a consideration list specifically to the client’s needs.

It has also meant applying a selection process that is specifically designed to provide the level of due diligence and governance required in the selection of a strategic supplier but at the same time focuses on assessing the candidate Public Relations agencies on the specific needs of the clients brief.

Case Study 1

Alcoholic Beverages Company looking for a millennial focused PR partner

Challenging Problem: Client needed a PR agency with the due capabilities of having experience launching new brands into the category and experience targeting a very specific millennial audience. The problem for the client was that many of the Public Relations agencies they knew were experts in the category and had significant competitive conflicts.

Creative Solution: The TrinityP3 Market Search to the client’s brief focused on identifying not just PR agencies with experience in the alcoholic beverage category, but also those with a proven track record working with brands targeting millennials to launch new products.

This provided a much broader view of the market place and allowed the client to assess the potential within the market and not just the usual category specialists.

Process: The process focused on developing a very specific client brief, which informed the TrinityP3 Market Search process. Following the extensive search and discussion on the consideration list the client decided to run the pitch internally and was thrilled with the results of the shortlist.

Results and Feedback:  An exceptionally happy client who achieved a successful launch and experienced outstanding results with the appointed PR agency.

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Case Study 2

Automotive Company looking for a strategic and creative PR partner

Challenging Problem: Required a PR agency that demonstrated proactive strategic and creative thinking in the automotive category and had the capabilities to work across a large portfolio of models targeting different consumer groups.

Importantly, the agency had to deliver both traditional PR such as press releases and media liaison but also demonstrate outstanding creative thinking in digital channels including social. The agency also had to be able to work across both Sydney and Melbourne.

Creative Solution: The TrinityP3 Market Search created a consideration list of mid to large sized PR agencies with relevant automotive experience; agencies were to have traditional PR as well as digital and social expertise with strong credentials in strategic and creative thinking.

Process: Client brief informed the Market Search and consideration list that was Shortlisted to 6 agencies – Customised written Credentials Submissions were requested from each of the shortlisted PR agencies  – Chemistry Meetings with each led to a shortlist of 3 agencies – A Client Communications Brief was provided to the 3 agencies for Agency Strategic and Creative Response – Financial Benchmarking and Remuneration Analysis were undertaken with all three shortlisted agencies.

Results and Feedback:  Client very happy with end result and the appointed PR agency has fulfilled all requirements and exceeded their expectations.

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Case Study 3

Automotive Company looking for a PR Partner with breadth and depth

Challenging Problem: The client required a PR agency that would work more collaboratively with their creative agency and offer a breadth of services from traditional PR through to events, content and social solutions.

Creative Solution: Market Search, Selection and Shortlist of nimble PR agencies with strong creative credentials across a breadth of channels, who also had a proven track record of working collaboratively with creative agencies.

Process: Client brief informed the Market Search producing a Consideration List for Shortlisting including PR agencies recommended by the incumbent Creative and Media Agencies.

Written Credentials to demonstrate and prove expertise and capability and Chemistry Meetings to insure Cultural Alignment resulted in a Shortlist of 4 agencies – Client Communications Brief to agencies to prepare a Strategic and Creative Response  – Financial Benchmarking and Remuneration Analysis were undertaken with all four.

Results and Feedback:  Client was thrilled with the process and the result and appointed the PR agency recommended by the creative agency who was included in the pitch.

PR partners

Case Study 4

Health Insurance Company looking for a collaborative PR partner

Challenging Problem: The client required a new PR agency that not only understood the health insurance category but one who would and could work collaboratively with their recently appointed creative agency and challenge traditional PR strategies and thinking.

Creative Solution: The Market Search, Selection and Shortlist of PR agencies with strong strategic and creative credentials in the insurance space who also had a proven track record of thinking outside the box and working collaboratively with creative agencies.

Process: The Client Brief informed the TrinityP3 Market Search accessing our Agency Register and Industry Knowledge to prepare a comprehensive Consideration List for Shortlisting.

Written Customised Credentials and Chemistry Meetings were undertaken to further Shortlist PR agencies to three – Client Communications Brief provided to the shortlisted agencies for Strategic and Creative Response – Financial Benchmarking and Remuneration Analysis undertaken with all three.

Results and Feedback:  An exceptionally happy client whose relationship with the PR agency goes from strength to strength. 

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