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Are you bleeding-edge, blazing a trail or beginning a journey? 

Here’s something that won’t surprise you.

As digital technology continues to revolutionise the world, business leaders and marketers are being challenged to transform or risk losing market share.

Unless you’re a start-up, chances are you are facing major decisions in terms of replacing or reengineering Information Technology (IT) platforms, integrating new marketing services and applications, and understanding the massive amounts of customer data being generated throughout your business and brand world.

So digital marketing, and data driven marketing, are important. Regardless of whether you’re bleeding edge, blazing a trail or beginning a journey, there will always be more to consider in this exponentially evolving space.

It’s not about adding bricks, it’s about threading needles

At TrinityP3, we recognize that the terms ‘digital’ and ‘data’ are now threaded through many different parts of the marketing funnel. Best practice lies in seamless integration, worked in many directions. It is no longer about adding the ‘digital’ and ‘data’ bricks to your marketing wall.

For this reason, we eschew a ‘digital and data’ product suite. Instead, we have a number of existing services across our portfolio that will naturally encompass digital and data-driven marketing as part of the whole, or which can be tailored to consider specific aspects of your digital and data needs, as required.

More importantly, we have consultants with the specific experience to help.

Do you have the right threads, and the right needles?

It’s the biggest question. We can all talk digital and data strategy; but in reality, often some of the fundamentals are lacking.

We want to help you obtain the right threads, and the right needles, to ensure that your digital and data performance is optimized in context of your stage of the journey and beyond.

TrinityP3 helps marketers make sense of the new digital ecosystem by:

  1. Aligning digital activity to your marketing strategy and KPIs
  2. Aligning digital team structures to your marketing department
  3. Assessing the value and prioritization of customer data in driving business growth
  4. Assessing third party technology solutions and vendors
  5. Assessing your digital agency roster

1. Aligning digital activity to your marketing strategy and KPIs

Before any digital decisions are made it is critical to align digital activity to your overall marketing strategy. This is where we see many businesses stumble as they have competing forces within the organization, which creates confusing experiences and potentially dissatisfied customers.

To be successful, digital activity must align to common marketing KPIs. Discover how TrinityP3’s marketing services can help you:

Budget KPI and ROI Setting

Marketing Business Alignment

Results Performance Assessment

2. Aligning digital team structures to your marketing department

We have seen it all: fully integrated teams; silo digital departments; sub-silo social media and mobile units; separate customer experience and data divisions; and CMOs scratching their heads as to what everyone actually does.

TrinityP3 can help make sense of your digital team structures. Helping define the role of SEO, paid performance, media, data, website, social, mobile, customer experience, call centre and data. As well as align these specialist areas within the wider marketing department process. Discover how TrinityP3’s marketing services can help you become more efficient and effective:

Marketing Structure Review

Relationship Performance Evaluation

Read this case study – Why a CMO engaged TrinityP3 for a digital team transformation – Case study

 3. Assessing the value and prioritization of customer data in driving business growth

With the rise of ‘Big Data’ through a myriad of new digital media touch points, marketers have struggled to gain a consistent and clear single customer view.

TrinityP3 can help you uncover all relevant data sources within your business, as well as facilitate a prioritization process to agree the most valuable data that will allow you to drive better business outcomes.

See Budget KPI and ROI setting

Ask us about our data health check. 

4. Assessing third party technology solutions and vendors

Technology is advancing at an ever-increasing rate. From cloud services to automation engines, programmatic media to the Internet of Things. It’s a different world that can easily confuse even the most experienced marketers.

TrinityP3 can help you cut through the claims and hype, and define what technology solution is right based on your business strategy and level of digital marketing maturity. Discover how TrinityP3’s marketing services can help you select the most potent partner:

Agency Search

Agency Search and Selection

5. Assessing your digital agency roster

“Why do you have all the current digital agencies on your roster?” This is a question that we ask every client. And the answers are invariably confused.

Clients that operate in silos often have competing agencies managing separate parts of the business, resulting in multiple search agencies, multiple technology vendors, multiple digital creative agencies, multiple development teams, and multiple reporting frameworks & dashboards.

The result – lots of bricks in the marketing wall with nothing holding them together. This scenario represents the ultimate ‘digital bolt on’ scenario.

TrinityP3 can help restructure &/or rationalize your digital agency roster, plus get your marketing teams collaborating and knowledge sharing again.

Strategic Supplier Alignment

Agency Search and Selection

Scope of Work Management

Agency Remuneration and Negotiation

We’ve provided a lot of information on this page. But we don’t pretend to encapsulate the entirety of this huge topic here.

We are willing and able to tailor any of our services to your specific requirements.

So, if you’d like to talk to a real person about your digital and data consultancy requirements, please click here – we’d love to hear from you.

To conclude this look at how we can help you with your digital and data performance we have put together this graphic which shows the tools, systems and platforms that TrinityP3 consultants have a high level of expertise with.

Are you struggling with any of these? (click on the image to view full size)

3 Questions with a TrinityP3 Digital & Data Expert

Here, TrinityP3 Consultant, Anton Buchner, talks about the challenges facing customer centric relationship marketers and how How can TrinitP3 can assist with data, digital and improved processes.

How to bring your production into the 21st century

Technology is impacting all areas of advertising and marketing including production. Here, Darren Woolley talks about why you need to rethink, restructure and reengage in the way you manage production, and how TrinityP3 can transform your production structure and process to fit your future needs now.

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