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Media Agency Transparency

Words are not enough when talking Media Agency Transparency

Advertisers are demanding transparency from their media agencies and media providers. But simply saying you are transparent does not make it so. In fact, many are transparent about the fact they are not transparent. So, find out what you can do here to go beyond words to actions in a Golden Minute.


Transparency. Transparency. Transparency.
Simply saying the word over and over does not make you transparent
Likewise saying
We’re transparent. We’re transparent. We’re transparent
Doesn’t make you transparent either
In fact, one Media Agency Group, Global Chairman famously said: “We’re transparent about not being transparent” Clever line?
But what it means is if your media agency offers you an agreement that includes a non-disclosed media arrangement then they’re being transparent about not being transparent.
Media transparency is not easy.
It takes more than just saying you’re transparent
But with so much money at stake it is essential
So, are you ready to do the work to make your media arrangements transparent?