Nick Murdoch

TweetShareShareBufferPinWe had a 2 hour session with Darren to review our go to market story; he challenged us and provided honest and […]

Adam J Francis

TweetShareShareBufferPinHats off to Trinity P3 for running a very professional pitch during the unprecedented challenging times of the COVID19 pandemic. As everything […]

Matt Shoom-Kirsch

TweetShareShareBufferPinLooking for new insights on how we go-to-market, we had Stephan and Darren in for a session to get their reaction to […]

Chiquita King

TweetShareShareBufferPinHaving Darren come in and review our credentials inspired a transformational view on how we share our agency proposition, making it more […]

Jamie Clift

TweetShareShareBufferPinWe knew we had some challenges and some ‘elephants in the room’ that we needed to address at Innocean. We had a […]

Matt Robinson

TweetShareShareBufferPinWe recently engaged Darren to come in for a workshop with our management team in Sydney, and found the 2 hour session […]

Jon Skinner

TweetShareShareBufferPinNo one has seen more credentials presentations from creative agencies than Darren. We invested in his unrivalled experience to come in and […]

Hazelle Klønhammer

TweetShareShareBufferPinIt was refreshing to meet TrinityP3. We got a lot out of our credentials review session with Chris. Switched on. Straight up. […]

Nickie Scriven

TweetShareShareBufferPinI have worked with Trinity P3 on a number of projects over the years both as a client; and more recently on […]

Gareth Mulryan

TweetShareShareBufferPinSometimes pitches can be a bit of slog, but the team has really enjoyed working on both briefs and the workshop is […]

Andrew Drougas

TweetShareShareBufferPinThanks for your management of the process. This has been one of the best run pitches I’ve been involved in. Clear setting […]

Camilla Cooke

TweetShareShareBufferPinDarren Woolley and TrinityP3 have an understanding of the communications landscape that is second to none. Not only their detailed knowledge of […]

Adam Ferrier

TweetShareShareBufferPinPitching can be an exhausting, time consuming, and emotional process for an agency. So having them well structured, with clearly defined outputs […]

Tom Dery

TweetShareShareBufferPinNormally speaking, we are very dubious of pitch consultants and “advisers” to clients re agencies. Usually these so called agency experts are […]

James Greet

TweetShareShareBufferPinWhen a Client appoints an Agency its for far longer than the 3 hour glamour presentation that won on the day. That’s […]