Supplier & Agency Search and Selection

(How to look for and select the right agency or marketing supplier)

Looking to find the right marketing agency? Or a new creative agency? Going to market to replace an existing supplier or add a new agency to your business? Or is it simply that the current relationship has come to an end? Considering the time and effort involved you want to make sure the process will be as thorough and robust as possible. 

No matter if you are looking for someone to provide you a list of suitable agencies (we have thousands on our database) or fully to manage the tender process (from brief to appointment) or something in between, we can help you find the right agency in any discipline.

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Selecting a new agency or reviewing an incumbent agency has become more complex and time consuming than ever before. Identifying the agencies available, assessing their core capabilities and testing the chemistry between your team and theirs can be a challenge. To undertake this process with the due diligence and governance it deserves is also disruptive for the marketing team. Plus there is an added complexity of being able to negotiate an agency fee that actually procures the level and quality of agency resources you need to get the job done and meet your expectations. There is also a need to match the search and selection process to the type of agency or supplier you want to select. Also, undertaking a long, detailed tender process may be a waste of time when appointing an agency for a simple, short term project. Yet you still want to ensure the process is comprehensive enough to make the right decision.


There are a number of ways we can help you with agency search and selection:

  1. We can help you search the market to assemble a shortlist of suitable agencies for your specific requirements
  2. We can assist you by managing and advising on the key stages of the selection process from search to appointment
  3. We can fully manage the entire search and selection process for you and your stakeholders to select the right agency

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The process commences with our seeking to understand completely your circumstances and requirements. The Search Brief defines the successful outcome and is central to the process. The process itself depends on your circumstances and the outcome required. We customise the approach, ensuring that at every step there are both qualitative and quantitative evaluations of the potential agencies. We are so confident of a successful outcome we offer a guarantee on the fully managed process.


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