Agency Search and Selection

TrinityP3’s comprehensive Search & Selection process provides extensive market knowledge, tightly defined process and detailed evaluation and assessment, to help you find the right agency supplier.

Why do you need this service? Read on to understand more.

To search, you have to know who you’re looking for

The effectiveness of agency partners has always been a critical component of success. The specialism and support required to deliver marketing strategies is, in overwhelming majority, too much for a marketing team to completely internalize.

As the communications landscape continues to increase in complexity, so has the process of searching for the right partners to advise you, consult with you and deliver for you.

But before you select the right partners, you have to search for them.

It makes sense to know who you’re looking for, from an ever-expanding raft of potential suppliers.

To select, you need to know what you’re getting

Pitching any business to find relevant, effective, culturally and financially compatible suppliers can be time-consuming, costly and disruptive. Picking the right supplier is therefore imperative.

But you need to know what you’re getting. This is not always clear to determine.

Who truly delivers? What does ‘delivery’ mean for you? What promises are real? Who is right for you and your team from a cultural, capabilities and financial perspective?

The selection process requires a high level of due diligence and governance to ensure the outcome is positive for all participants. Otherwise, you’re wasting your own valuable time.

We can help you navigate the minefield, to emerge with best possible partners, set up for mutual success

At TrinityP3, we have developed a number of services within search & selection, for clients large and small, budgets big and not so big.

We can be as bespoke as you need us to be. We provide expertise across the full range of marketing services categories including media, creative, digital, public relations, design, research, promotions, content, and social.

Our Search & Selection process is conducted by consultants with decades of industry experience. We have one clear aim: to deliver best possible performance outcomes. Consequently, our offering is comprehensive, and can include:

  • Interrogation of your business and brief to understand what you need and the type of culture that will best fit yours.
  • Search of the market near and far, using our comprehensive database, consultant knowledge and personal experience. Finding suppliers who meet your brief – not a generic laundry list.
  • Development of a short-list. First dates, second dates and more to introduce you to a shortlist of suppliers via credentials documents, chemistry sessions, strategy workshops and creative presentations.
  • A structured process of meetings and workshops, designed to create an objective and even playing field.
  • Objective assessment via observation in the room, leaving you to focus on each meeting you have with potential candidates.
  • Validation and evaluation, via scorecards to help you record the results of each meeting with the shortlisted suppliers and for stakeholder management.
  • Detailed reporting from each stage including credentials, chemistry, strategy and creative.
  • Benchmarking analysis of remuneration proposals using our extensive industry data pool.

Selecting the right agency partners, with whom lies the potential for growth of long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, is a cornerstone of success for your marketing team. Make sure you have the right advice through the process.

Contact us here to arrange an initial conversation about how much this service could change your outputs for the better. We’d love to help.

If you feel you have the selection process covered, but are interested in help with selecting your candidate list, click here. We can limit our scope to an Agency Search, if that’s best for you.

Achieve internal alignment through agency search & selection – Case study

The Situation:

Given the structure and nature of the business the biggest problem was a level of service to the business across the various state-based offices and ever increasing costs with no benchmark for comparison. The Client worked on a project by project basis, both nationally and on a state market basis which allowed the agency to cost the project every time with great variation.

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3 Questions with a TrinityP3 Agency Search & Selection expert

Here, Anita Zanesco, TrinityP3’s Agency Search & Selection expert, talks about the many challenges facing marketers when they have to select a new agency, and why you might choose to use TrinityP3 to help you manage the search and selection process.

How to avoid the agency search and selection beauty parade?

TrinityP3 have been helping marketers find and choose the perfect agency partner for more than a decade. Here, Darren Woolley shows you what to look for in an agency partner so that you can build a longer term, profitable and productive relationship.

Why paying your agency for being ‘nice’ to you is flawed

For advertising agencies, “a happy client means a happy agency CFO”. Because when the client is happy the agency makes money. This got Darren Woolley wondering why so many clients use financial incentives to encourage their agencies to be nice to them, when a bigger financial incentive is already built into a positive relationship?

Selecting strategic partners cannot be done with an RFP alone

Here, Darren Woolley talks about an essential ingredient which is so often missing when selecting the right strategic partner. TrinityP3’s filtering process has helped many marketers make more informed decisions when choosing a partner.


“I’ve been involved in selecting agency partners for over twenty years and I have been extremely impressed with the knowledge, professionalism and integrity demonstrated by TrinityP3 during our recent pitch. They guided us through a rigorous, holistic process and proved to be an invaluable source of advice to myself and my team. TrinityP3 has delivered a great return on investment to Monash University.”
Margot Burke, CMO at Monash University

In this video testimonial, Michael Rebelo, CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi Australia, talks about the TrinityP3 agency selection process.

“Sometimes pitches can be a bit of slog, but the team has really enjoyed working on both briefs and the workshop is a great idea to see if our chemistry works well and to test our responsiveness to issues that clients often face – The team thought it was great, may go as far as to say the whole afternoon was the ‘bees knees’!”
Gareth Mulryan – Chief Executive Officer, ZenithOptimedia Southeast Asia & Managing Partner, Performics APAC