Agency Search

TrinityP3’s Agency Search process is the first step on the road to delivery of optimal agency relationships and performance.

 Why do you need this service? Read on to understand more.

To search, you have to know who you’re looking for

The effectiveness of agency partners has always been a critical component of success. The specialism and support required to deliver marketing strategies is, in overwhelming majority, too much for a marketing team to completely internalize.

As the communications landscape continues to increase in complexity, so has the process of searching for the right partners to advise you, consult with you and deliver for you.

But before you select the right partners, you have to search for them.

It makes sense to know who you’re looking for, from an ever-expanding raft of potential suppliers.

Anyone can make a candidate list. But is it the right candidate list for you?

There are lots of agencies in the world. Some are large and well-known; others, less so.

The fact that an agency is large and well-known should not stand alone in pre-determining its selection on your candidate list. Nor should its publicity or awards.

When searching for agencies, development of a candidate list is arguably the most important step in the process. There are so many factors to consider; it is always entirely bespoke to you. A process of due diligence is required to fully understand exactly what you need.

Otherwise, the effort and stress of pitching will be wasted. Why? Because if the wrong agencies are on the list to start with, no matter who wins a pitch you won’t get the optimal result.

Our search for agencies is bespoke to you, and based on unrivalled industry knowledge

At TrinityP3, before we even issue a candidate list, we work with you to interrogate your brief. Our consultants have decades of in-field experience that can often help to determine, tighten or extend your exact requirements.

Once the brief is finalized, we work in a number of ways to secure you the best list possible:

  • Our Agency Register offers unrivalled depth of information. We have hundreds of agencies on file – agencies who have filled in details of their accreditation, their client base, their proposition, their services ranked in order of importance, their case studies, and much more besides.
  • We regularly visit agencies, to update the Agency Register and to apply our own contextual lens. The information and data we have is highly valuable; it becomes optimal when the experience and expertise of our consultants is added via direct contact with the agency leaders.
  • We license bespoke software to further aid in specific verticals. For example, we use Calibr8or, a unique tool that profiles media agencies and demonstrates precise level of fit between an agency and a set of bespoke requirements.

Selecting the right agency partners, with whom lies the potential for growth of long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, is a cornerstone of success for your marketing team. And it all starts with the search.

Make sure you start in the way you mean to go on.

Contact us here to arrange an initial conversation about how much this service could change your outputs for the better. We’d love to help.

If you’d like us to not only search, but work with you to select your agency partner, please click here to view our comprehensive Search and Selection service.

How to search for that perfect agency

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