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Buckets of agencies?

Feel like you have too many agencies? Or too many marketing suppliers to manage? You really only need the agencies you need. So why would you need a bucket of agencies? When you just need the right agencies. So rather then having panels of agencies find out how to align your agencies to your needs in a Golden Minute.


Bucket of prawns?
Bucket of golf balls?
But have you ever heard of a bucket of agencies?
Often we find that when procurement has created a panel of agencies or suppliers it gets called a bucket.
Just what we need, agencies by the bucket load.
And while it seems they are cheaper by the bucket the truth is buckets of anything are never high quality.
Sure, buckets of coal but never buckets of diamonds.
You are better off picking up one of the best than buying agencies by the bucket.
We call it roster alignment and it delivers value in a way roster rationalisation never will.
Ask us how.