Marketing Carbon Reduction Assessment


Company Category: Government

Issue: Environmental Legislation was demanding all departments to fully understand there carbon emissions. This included marketing spend.

Challenging Problem: With all other business divisions being able to measure their carbon footprint marketing were required to gain an understanding for their external advertising spend.

Creative Solution: TP3 was able to assist marketing by using their cost effective measurement and assessment methodology and calculators to supply carbon emissions in all marketing channels.

Process: TP3 carried out a years review of the media buy and applied the appropriate carbon readings and reports.

Timeline: The carbon assessments where completed for each separate market campaign within 5 days.

Result and feedback: This was only the first part of the process. The historic carbon benchmark now enables marketing to set carbon reduction targets for the future years. TP3 is working with both the internal marketing department and their media and agency partners to understand and then adjust the carbon footprint while at the same time not adversely effecting the business strategy.

Cost: Contact TrinityP3 for details