Marketing structural & process mapping & optimisation in Government

Service Category: A high profile Local Government

Operational Challenge: A fragmented and weak Marketing Services function was unable to:

a) efficiently service the needs of various business units or

b) effectively synergise Council wide strategic branding and marketing imperatives.

Strategic Solution: TrinityP3 Consultants gained a thorough understanding of the service/expectation gaps at a functional, divisional and organisational level, combining both user and provider perspectives.

Trinity P3 made a number of recommendations that cut across strategic, structural, people, process and systems related issues to provide an improved service delivery model.

Integrated Approach: The process involved extensive desk research, several cross functional group discussions, a series of one to one interviews and high level meetings with senior managers overlaid with rigorous analysis and lateral thinking to produce a range of creative solutions.

Timeline: The engagement lasted 8 weeks from project inception to delivery.

Outcomes: The interim report presented to a cross section of stakeholders received wide support before being presented to senior management. Buy-in for the recommendations paved the way for far-reaching changes in the charter of the Marketing Services function and the character of its service portfolio.

Cost: Contact TrinityP3 for details